Marvel Releases New Teaser For ‘The Punisher’

While there still isn’t an official release date for The Punisher on Netflix, we know that it is drawing very close. Yesterday, Marvel released a brand new, very short teaser for the series. Check it out below!


The teaser is very cryptic, showing the faces of what we can assume to be the friends and enemies of Frank Castle. It is interesting to see their faces digitally deconstructed and reconstructed with the last face being Castle’s, before it is deconstructed and reconstructed into the Punisher logo. It seems like it is saying that his friends and enemies are what make him who he is, which is the Punisher. Soon isn’t soon enough, but until the series release be sure to stay tuned for updates on all things The Punisher!

Frank Castle is an ex-Marine and was a family man. That all changed when a botched police operation intended to bring int he weapons dealer known as Blacksmith cost Castle his family. From that day forth Castle has been a vigilante seeking out and punishing criminals wherever he can find them. As the Punisher, Frank Castle uses any means necessary to dish out lethal justice to criminals in New York City.

what do you guys think? Are you getting anxious to see Frank Castle in his own series? Where do you expect to place this among your list of favorite Marvel/Netflix series’ so far? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!