Simon Merrells Cast As Julius Caesar In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3

One of the key elements to a show like Legends of Tomorrow is time travel. While the show has went to all sorts of different eras including King Arthur and Camelot, the show has yet to go to Ancient Rome. However, for Season 3 of the show, the crew of the Waverider will officially visit this era. And now, the show has cast their Julius Caesar.

Following the route of several other CW shows, a Spartacus actor has been cast. This time, actor Simon Merrells has been cast. This was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con when executive producer Phil Klemmer was interviewed by Comic Book Resources. Here is what he had to say:

“We start out in 2017, obviously,” said Klemmer, “but we’re going to take a trip back to Ancient Rome. We’re going to have Simon Merrells — he played Julius Ceaser’s [patron Crassus] on Spartacus — who’s going to be playing Julius Ceasar on our show.”

The actor certainly looks like Julius Caesar. It’ll be very exciting to see the actor in action during Legends of Tomorrow Season 3.

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Source: CBR