HasCon 2017 Unveils Newest Marvel Legends

Over the last couple years, Hasbro has really stepped up their game in terms of bringing Marvel characters to life in action figure form that collectors want, as well as improving the articulation that they get. At HasCon this year, 16 new figures were revealed. You can check out the images below!

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For characters, we’ve gotten Black Bolt, the modern Iron Man armor, a Klaw and Shuri 2-Pack, a modern Spider-Woman, King Cobra, Spider-Punk, Deathlok, Paladin, Songbird, Thanos, Namor, Jim Lee-style Wolverine and Psylocke, and (what appears to be) a Paul Smith-esque Storm.

The heaviest hitters from this unveiling are definitely the Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thanos. Even with all of the Wolverine figures we already have, collectors have been waiting for the tiger-striped suit. As far as articulation goes, Hasbro looks to have given us butterfly joints to enhance the mobility of the arms. Other than this the articulation looks pretty standard, but the added joints should be enough of an improvement for us to recreate some iconic Wolverine poses. Since its comic release, this Iron Man armor has been a favorite of many readers. Now, not only are we getting it in a Marvel Legends figure, but we are getting a new Tony Stark head sculpt. The paint work is very clean throughout the armor, and the blues really catch the eye; this will be a nice addition to your comic Avengers display. Thanos’, while just being a repaint of the BAF from the Age of Ultron wave, gives us a Legends-scale classic Mad Titan. In addition, one of his hands is dressed with the Infinity Gauntlet, something that was missing from the previous BAF. Typically, it is  little disappointing to see figures simply get repainted, but this is an instance where many will probably very welcoming of the finished product.

As far as the other new figures go, they’re characters that either haven’t been done since the days of Toy Biz, or haven’t been done at all. The worst part is going to be waiting to get all of these gems in-hand. We don’t yet know what waves will be released, or how these figures will fit into those waves, but news is sure to come so stay tuned for updates!

What do you guys think? What’s your favorite piece that was unveiled? Was there something you were hoping to see make the cut that didn’t? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: ToyArk