Jeph Loeb On The Decision To Make ‘Inhumans’ A Series

Marvel fans remember that the Inhumans was originally announced to be a film on the MCU’s Phase 3 slate. Marvel then took it off its slate, and then it turned into a TV show on ABC like Agents of SHIELD. Fans are confused as to why that happened, given the mixed reception revolving around the show’s current look. Marvel’s chief of television Jeph Loeb talked about why the decision was made to make it into a TV show.

“We never really approached it as something that was going to be spectacle first and family second, and so I think one of the things that we do well is to ground our characters, to be able to take the time in order to get to know our villains… This was an opportunity for us to be able to tell a story about people.” 

A show can take its time with its character to develop, whereas a film has a limited amount of time to spend with its characters. Fans however think the property would’ve better as big-budget movie, to do the fantastical characters and storylines justice.

Loeb then went on to talk about the ambitiousness of the show, and how Ghost Rider on Agents helped convince Marvel to adapt this into a show

“In the first two hours alone there are 600 visual shots… and that is not something that we had ever done or ever taken on. Each of those experiences pose different challenges while you’re trying to make a regular television show. A lot of people came to us at the beginning of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.] last season and said to us, ‘How are you going to do Ghost Rider? That was a feature property. How are you ever going to compare with a feature property?’ I think we held up pretty well, not just for television.”

Ghost Rider does look really good for a show. It was stated that Marvel experimented a lot with Inhumans and that some of it was a work in progress at the moment. Fans and critics have only seen the first two episodes, but the show could get better as it goes along.

Source: CBR