Two Prominent ‘Star Wars’ Planets To Appear In ‘Han Solo’ Film

A recent report from Making Star Wars has raised discussion about the possibility of two planets showing up in Han Solo’s prequel film, both of which are integral to the character’s history. Nothing has been confirmed yet by the studio, but it would make perfect sense for these planets to be used as locations in the film, especially if the report is to be believed in saying it will span over a 7 year period of his life.

Kessel and Corellia are the planets rumored to be appearing, and this should deal quite a bit of excitement to fans. The former is the famed planet where Han Solo used the Millennium Falcon to beat the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to see him complete this feat. Corellia would be an interesting place to see as well, considering it is the planet where the Falcon was built. Perhaps we’ll Han and Lando’s gamble for the ship at one of these locations. Since the film will supposedly be spanning a decent timeframe, it would make sense for them to include the moment where the Falcon shifts from Lando’s hands to Han’s. More news is sure to follow on the project, so be sure to stay tuned for updates!

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Source: We Got This Covered